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               Среда, 16 июля, 2014

The battle for the King James Bible and its Received Text is heating up to fever pitch, and it is crucial that preachers know where they stand and why. The following important books offer a ready-made library on this topic and will make profitable additions to the library of any preacher or teacher. They also […]

Where Was The Bible Before 1611?

               Среда, 16 июля, 2014

Where was the word of God before 1611 and where is it today? Those who promote the modern bible versions do not believe any Bible is the inspired, infallible, preserved, and pure words of the living God. They piously tell us «the original Hebrew and Greek» is their final authority, hoping no one will notice […]

Reasons The KJV Is Superior

               Среда, 16 июля, 2014

Outstanding Credentials of the KJV’s Translators Alexander McClure and Gustafus Paine have both written excellent biographies of the men who translated the King James Bible.These biographies document the fact that the KJV translators were scholarly and godly men. They lived separated lives and they were orthodox in doctrine. And all of them showed reverence for […]