Ozzy Osbourne: The Rest of the Story One of today’s hottest celebrities is Ozzy Osbourne. MTV’s reality program on The Osbournes is currently the most watched cable program on TV. The Osbournes even won an Emmy for best Reality program. Ozzy is now the darling of the media and Hollywood. Even the President of the United States has recently honored Ozzy. But there’s more to Ozzy Osbourne than most people know. Much more. Here is «the rest of the story» about Ozzy Osbourne.

TO TATTOO OR NOT TO TATTOO? A Christian Response to the Tattoo. An examination of the tattoo in the light of the Word of God and history. Documented information clearly revealing the satanic origin and serious danger of the tattoo.MUST READING

Santa Claus: The Great Imposter? Who REALLY is this man we affectionately call Santa Claus? What do we REALLY know about Santa? The Santa you NEVER knew. INTERESTING READING

Yes, Virginia There is a Hell A Bible Believers version of the famous editorial «Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Claus», written by Francis P. Church and published in The New York Sun on September 21, 1897.

WHAT WOULD JESUS DRIVE? A Christian Environmental group has really went off the deep end. They’re telling us What Jesus Would Drive. Hilarious. It’s worth a laugh or two.

TNIV: Translation Treason What about The Today’s New International Version (TNIV), the new gender-inclusive NIV. If this doesn’t shock you – you need to check your pulse. . .

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Did It REALLY Happen? The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is either … the greatest event, or the greatest fraud — in history! What does the evidence say? Did Jesus Christ actually rise from the dead? Fact or Fantasy?

Is «Easter» in Acts 12:4 an error in the King James Bible? This article documents irrefutable proof for the FACT the King James Bible is the EXACT words of God. This is must reading. This will end the argument once and for all. . .

Music That Kills According to researchers in New Scientist magazine, fast and loud music [rock] is a cause of car crashes. And some people still claim music is neutral.

What About the Rock Band P.O.D.? For the last several months we’ve received many emails asking our opinion of the Christian Rock Band P.O.D? Well, here it is. A detailed, documented, extensive, four-part analysis of P.O.D. and their music. One of the most extensive articles we’ve ever done on one single group. We were shocked by what we discovered. You will be to! An absolute must reading for Christian fans of P.O.D.!

IT’S HERE — ANTHRAX. . . BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS — Is the Human Race Heading for Annihilation? Is the final curtain falling on mankind? MSNBC News writes, «Researchers rush to head off doomsday scenario». World renown author and cosmologist, Professor Stephen Hawking made the startling prediction, «I don’t think the human race will survive. . .» VERY IMPORTANT.

The Mysterious «11» and the World Trade Center Bombing What about all the strange occurrences of the number 11 in the World Trade Center Bombing? Is there a hidden meaning? Interesting. . .

Backstreet Boys Cancel Tour The Backstreet Boys recently shocked the music world by announcing the immediate postponement of their U.S. and Canada concert tour! WHY? Interesting. . .

666 Watch Because of the latest technologies paving the road to 666: the Mark of the Beast, we’ve created a new site titled «666 Watch». We also answer many of the questions and misconceptions about 666: The Mark of the Beast.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Did It Really Happen? Was the resurrection of Jesus Christ just a «hoax» that history painted into truth? Or can the resurrection of Jesus Christ be «legally» proven by the laws of legal evidence? MUST READING

Are You Washed in the Blood? Not according to the NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV, CEV, NCV, and the other legions of new Bible Versions! This is a shocker!

The Dirty Little Secret About Rock’s Teen Idols What are the Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync & Britney Spears really saying? Every parent, pastor, youth pastor and especially every young person needs to read this! [Updated 10/16/2000]

Bible Guidelines for Christian Music What does the Bible say about Christian music? Does the Bible endorse a certain style? What saith the scriptures?

Christian Rock: Questions and Answers We’ve answered many of the questions you’ve asked.

The Truth About Hell is updated and includes a RealAudio sound clip that claims to be actual sounds from Hell. Listen and decide. . .

Gospel Music Associations’s new definition for Gospel music Read how the Gospel Music Association (GMA) redefines «Gospel» music, so the pathetic, non-Christian, CCM songs can qualify for a Dove Award. Warning don’t read this on a full stomach — it’ll make you sick.

Greek Nuggets or Fool’s Gold? The Truth about the Agape-Phileo Myth Excellent article by Dr. Herb Evans demolishing the agape-phileo-love «myth» fabricated by the «go-to-the-greek» correctors of the King James Bible.

Where is CCM’s «New Song»? Where is CCM’s «New Song», the Lord mentions in Psalms 40:3? We list over 200 «secular songs» (some by extremely anti-Christian groups) by CCM artists. Unbelievable. . .

Fill in the blank: ItÂ’s entirely arguable that Christian music would not exist if it were not for ______________________. YouÂ’ll never guess how CCM magazine «filled in the blank».

Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio A «radio» web site with good «non-rock» Christian music. Includes lists of artists and sound samples.

Rock Music and 666 Rock music for years has propagated 666 — The Mark of the Beast. Here’s the proof.

The Satanic Roots of Rock A very good article proving the Satanic Roots of Rock by Donald Phau.

Gotee Records (co-founded by Toby McKeehan of dcTalk) re-releases Godspell. For the first time ever, a «Christian» company is distributing Godspell. Godspell claims to be based on the Gospell according to Matthew — but is it? Read our review and you decide. . .

Michael W. Smith’s song is disqualified from the Dove Awards! Find out why the Gospel Music Association (GMA) disqualified Smith’s song «Love Me Good» from the song-of-the-year nomination. This one is a shocker!

The John Marshall Family What’s GOOD Christian Music? This is GOOD Christian music! The John Marshall Family’s Web Site contains samples of their music, order form, and their itinery. One of the most musically talented families anywhere. Highly recommended by Terry Watkins, Jeff Godwin and many others.

Premature Death of Rock Stars A detailed list of over 300 rock stars death. Includes summary of causes. The Average Age at Death of Americans is 75.8 years. The Average Age at Death of a rock star is only 36.9 years. Very interesting.

Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?

CCM artist Steve Camp «nails» CCM. CCM artist Steve Camp calls for reformation in the CCM Industry. Camp lists the compromise, Satanic infiltration and perversion in CCM.

Christian Rock: Blessing or Blasphemy updated with more artists, (more coming!), more pictures and now with RealAudio music clips. Some of this stuff you’ve just got to see and hear to believe it!

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