Some Ideas For Using The Information On This Web Site

1) Print out the information and to use it for your own personnel study and edification.

2) Print out salvation information and pass it on to your friends who might be searching for answers.

3) Send new Christians to this site, they usually have a burning desire to learn the Word Of God.

4) Print out the information and it give to Christians who are weak in the Scripture.

5) Print out information and take it to your Bible Class for discussion.

6) Put the web site link BibleAnswers.US on your Church Bulletin.

7) Put the web site link on your business cards. www.BibleAnswers.US If you would like business cards that have been made for this web site; inform me and I will send some to you.

8) Tell your Sunday School or Bible teacher about the web site.

9) Tell your Pastor about the site.

10) Use the information as a conversation piece to get people interested in talking about things to come.

11) Tell your friends and loved ones about the web site.

12) Put the web site address on your tracts, people might go to the site in the privacy of their own homes.

13) Request information that you would like to see added to this site and «E-Mail Me» with your thoughts.

14) Advertise the web site in Christian Magazines.

15) Advertise the site on a bill board along any major highway.

16) Call talk radio shows and mention the web site.

17) Advertise the site in a Secular Magazine.

18) You can SEND an individual topic to a friend or to yourself by going to the UPPER RIGHT or LOWER RIGHT corner of this page and CLICKING on the «SEND TOPIC» function.

19) You can send this Site to another by CLICKING on «E-Mail This Page To A Friend» and filling in your friend’s E-Mail Address.

20) Use the information in a prison ministry. You’ll be dealing with a «captive audience.»

21) Send the web site address to your entire e-mail «Mailing List.»

I will do my part
to keep this web site filled
with doctrinally sound information and material.
You do your part!
Help advertise this site and
We will one day rejoice together!

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