We want this «Picture Gallery» to be a place where you can get acquainted with those who frequent the “BibleAnswers.US” web site. Send us a shoulder high digital picture of yourself and we will place it in the «Picture Gallery.» We will place your name under your picture and have the name hyperlinked to a location where information about you (your bio) will be published. If you do not have a digital picture of yourself, we can place your name in the «Picture Gallery» and hyperlink the name to “YOUR BIO.”

You can send us information that may include: your ministry, your testimony, your education, your mailing address, your e-mail address, your web site address, your phone number, your needs and/or anything that you would like to have displayed and we will publish the information for viewing.

If this «Picture Gallery» grows in size, we will add a section for pastors, one for missionaries and one for just plain friends of “BibleAnswers.US.” Send us your thoughts and ideas and help us make this ministry grow and be a blessing for both you and others. Please tell your friends about our ministry.

Вторник, 15 июля, 2014 at 00:58
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