Author: Y. T. Wee
ISBN: 9810487940
Pages: 176 — Paperback

A handy guide that provides a simple approach to leading a soul to Christ.
A church member once blurted out in frustration, “I am tired of being put through a guilt trip each time I go to church. The preacher constantly chides us for not winning souls. I want to but will somebody show me how?” Many Christians must have felt like that. They are expected to do soul-winning without being shown how.

The Soul-Winner’s Handy Guide is prayerfully written and carefully crafted together to provide sharp, succinct, scriptural answers to give to “… every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you… ” ( 1 Pet 3:15 ) It is to aid the soul-winner in understanding why he believes in what he believes with regard to the vast complexities of issues confronting him today so that he can, in turn, confidently lead another soul to the Lord.

Since its first publication, some of the responses received are:

“Fantastic!” (USA)
“The most practical book on personal evangelism.” (Philippines)

“You have made a new soul-winner in me.” (Guam)

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book.” (Scotland)

“Where can we get more?” (Trinidad and Tobago)

“A book that should be a part of your library.” (Pastor Navi Bola, Fiji)

“An inspiring and in-depth book for the successful soul-winners.” (Dr M. Suyanto, Indonesia)

“Breathtaking, biblical, scientific for a skeptical age.” (Missionary Rijn Abrell, Australia), et al.

Ambassador Baptist College uses and recommends Pastor Y. T. Wee’s Handbook for Soul-Winning in the Personal Evangelism Class. This excellent manual is an example of the thorough study and diligent effort placed into his work. I can wholeheartedly recommend Pastor Wee’s writings because of the personal character and sound doctrine upon which they are based. — Dr Ron Comfort, President of Ambassador Baptist College, Lattimore, North Carolina, USA.

Table of Contents

I. The Preliminary In Personal Evangelism
II. The Problem In Personal Evangelism

1. The Bible is Just a Story; Old Fashioned and Outdated
2. I Cannot See God
3. I Cannot Understand Everything About the Bible
4. Why Would a Loving God Send a Soul to Hell Forever?
5. There is No Such Thing As Sin — Everything is Relative
6. I am Sincerely Doing the Best that I Can
7. I Can Make It to Heaven By My Good Works
8. Doesn’t Salvation By Faith Sound Too Easy?
9. Why is Christianity the Only Way to God?
10. All Religions Are the Same
11. I Cannot Feel I Need to Accept Christ
12. I Need to See a Sign Before I Can Believe
13. I Am Too Busy — I Still Have Time to Believe in Christ
14. I Have Parental or Family Objection
15. I Cannot Hold Out or I Am Afraid I Will Fail If I Try
16. There is Too Much to Give Up
17. The Christian Life is Too Hard
18. My Heart is Too Hard
19. I Am Too Great a Sinner
20. I Must Become Better Before I Can Believe in Christ
21. Why Do the Lost Find it Hard to Believe in God?
22. How About Those Who Have Never Heard of Christ?
23. Who Made God?
24. I Am a Freethinker or an Atheist
25. Why Do the Wicked Prosper and the Righteous Suffer?
26. How About Those Christians Who Are Hypocritical?
27. Why Are There So Many Denominations?
28. Why Are Christians Constantly Bothering Others About Their Faith?
29. What Happens To Babies and Little Children Who Died?
30. Why Does God Allow Satan, Sin and Suffering to Exist?
31. I Have Tried Christianity And Failed.
32. Why Should The Wicked, Who Repented At The Last Moment, Go To Heaven,
While The Righteous, Who Refused To Accept Jesus Christ End Up In Hell?
33. Since a Christian’s Sins Have Been Paid For — Past, Present and Future — Does
That Mean He Can Continue In Sins?
34. Why Does Paul Teach Salvation By Faith While James Sems To Teach Salvation By Work?
35. What About the Beliefs of Karma, Rebirth, Nirvana, Etc?
36. What About Idol Worship?
37. What About Astrology, Necromancy, Paranormal Activities, UFOs, Extraterrestrial Beings, Etc?
38. Where Does the Bible Show That Jesus Christ is God?
39. What About The Trinity — One God Existing In Three Distinct Persons?
40. How About Evolution?

III. The Precept in Personal Evangelism
IV. The Picture in Personal Evangelism
V. The Potential in Personal Evangelism
VI. The Prerequisite in Personal Evangelism
VII. The Propriety in Personal Evangelism
VIII. The Priority in Personal Evangelism
IX. The Possibility in Personal Evangelism
X. The Perplexity in Personal Evangelism
XI. The Plan in Personal Evangelism

Roman Catholicism
1. The Priesthood
2. Peter and the Papacy
3. The Mass
4. Mary
5. Saints and Images
6. Purgatory
7. Penance
8. Human Traditions
9. The Jesus Christ of the Roman Catholics
10. Salvation of the Roman Catholics

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