imply because God uses them. He used a tract to save the great missionary Hudson Taylor, as well as innumerable others. That fact alone should be enough incentive for a Christian to always use tracts to reach the lost, but there are even more reasons why we should use them. Here are a few:

1) A tract is never embarrassed, timid nor fearful and isn’t hurt by rejection.

2) It does not flinch and show cowardice when the Truth it conveys is not believed.

3) It never yields to the temptation to compromise the Truth of the gospel of Christ.

4) It speaks clearly and right to the point.

5) It never argues back when its message is disputed, and it always sticks to the Truth.

6) It glorifies only Jesus as the Holy Spirit reveals the Word of God to its readers.

7) It never gets tired and gives up.

8) It keeps on working while you are sleeping, even when you are unable to distribute it.

9) It is always ready to witness to its readers at any time and at any location.

10) It can get inside of a house and stay there, even in secret places where you cannot gain entrance, to be revealed at a chosen time.

11) It cost very little and travels inexpensively.

12) It travels by any mode or class and in all kinds of climate and weather conditions.

13) It requires no food, clothing or shelter.

14) It is easily carried in a pocket or purse and between the pages of a book.

15) It can be used by anyone, any age, deaf, mute, crippled or even in a wheelchair.

16) It can be used by either the intellectual or the uneducated, because no speaking skills are needed to convey its message.

17) It conveys a message that is not ever lost, like a sermon, and can be read over and over again, long after you are gone and forgotten

18) It always catches a person in the right mood, because the Holy Spirit will always speak to the heart as the Word is being read.

19) It needs no translator, when it is in the language of the reader, as the Holy Spirit reveals His Word instantly to the reader.

20) It may be read by scores of people before God is finished with its purpose.

21) You can do a great work for God and lead many people to the knowledge of Christ.

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